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Pioneering Cell TherapiesTM

Advancing cell therapies from concept to benchside to clinic.

Our Mission

Our mission is to pioneer cell therapies for clinical application. Our vision is to improve the human condition through functional cures by bioengineered cell transplantation.

About CellTrans

CellTrans Services

Clinical Services

CellTrans provides world-class services for autologous and allogeneic islet isolations for the purpose of clinical transplantation.

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Pre-Clinical Services

Includes contract research ranging from proof of concept to planning and execution of IND/IDE enabling pre-clinical testing.

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In-Vitro Services

CellTrans has unique expertise in complex in vitro cell product assessments. We can help you develop batch release testing for your cellular product.

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Research focused on achieving a functional cure for Type I diabetes through islet transplantation

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Research focused on microencapsulation of islets to prevent immunorejection and achieve long-term islet graft

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Research focused on bioengineering of microfluidic biochips to study beta-cell physiology

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