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Meet CellTrans

Our mission, our history, our team. Learn more about CellTrans.

CellTrans Mission

Our mission is to develop, manufacture, and commercialize FDA-approved cellular therapies and novel bioengineered technologies for therapeutic treatment of diabetes and other endocrine disorders. Our vision is to improve the human condition through functional cures by bioengineered cell transplantation.

The Story

CellTrans is a faculty start-up company launched out of Dr. José Oberholzer’s scientific research group at the University of Illinois. Dr. Oberholzer has led the Islet Transplant Program at the University of Illinois since August of 2003 and his team has completed over 600 islet isolations as well as successful Phase I, II, and III clinical trials for islet transplantation. CellTrans aims to bring cell-based therapies including isolated islets, encapsulated islets, and human derived stem-cells to clinical application to combat the global epidemic of diabetes and other endocrine disorders.

The team includes expert scientists in the fields of diabetes and biomaterials and has highly-trained technicians, experienced surgeons, and professional administrative staff. At the core of CellTrans is the ethical and efficacious utilization of human organs and tissues for either therapeutic application or to provide exclusive research services.