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In-Vitro Services

CellTrans can perform in vitro islet assays and microfluidic assessments of islets

Multiparametric Microfluidic Assay

A method to assess islet physiology under dynamic environmental conditions (i.e. changes in glucose concentration and potassium chloride).

Microfluidic Oxygen Consumption Rate In Response To Glucose

Method to determine how much oxygen cells consume under resting stimulated conditions. Allows for calculated oxygen needs and model requirements on e.g. implant sites or encapsulation design specifications. Assessment of islet physiology and islet cell survival.

Morphology Assessment with Islet Scoring

A maximum morphological score of 10 is used to evaluate islet morphology based on five categories
(maximum score of 2 per category):
● Size Distribution
● Fragmentation
● Density
● Border
● Shape

Viability Assessment

Method for assessing encapsulated islet/cell viability using Fluorescein Diacetate/Propidium Iodide (FDA/PI). The viability of islet preparations is expressed as a percent of green-stained (alive) cells to red-stained (dead) cells.

Purity Assessment

Method for assessing insulin positive islet cell purity using dithizone staining, an organic chemical that chelates the zinc in the insulin granules present in the beta cells of the pancreatic islets. The islet cells are stained red (appear pink in intensity) while the acinar and other non-endocrine cells remain unstained. The quality of islet preparations is expressed as a percent of staining intensity.

Static Glucose Stimulated Insulin Secretion (GSIS) Assay

A measure of the ability of the purified pancreatic islets to produce insulin when stimulated by an increase in the concentration of glucose. An insulin ELISA is used to determine the insulin concentration after sample collection from the GSIS assay. The results are expressed as a stimulation index which looks at the ratio of the concentration of insulin after high glucose concentration simulation to the concentration of insulin after low glucose concentration simulation.