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CellTrans researchers have contributed to the development of “lab-on-a-chip” in vitro tools that facilitate functional imaging of the complex physiology of human pancreatic islets. Macro-scale perifusion apparatuses were developed in the 1970s to understand the hormone secretion kinetics; however, these apparatuses had limitations such as limited flow control, inadequate mimicking of the in vivo microenvironment, a lack of integration with imaging tools, as well as high costs. Since 2009, our laboratory has developed microfluidic-based perifusion and imaging systems. Some advantages of these biochips include minimizing the consumption of reagents and analytes, better control of flow phenomena at micro-scale, easier integration of new imaging modalities, and suitability for high throughput and high content multimodal analysis. Thus far, we have developed a series of microfluidic biochips that can be applied to study the physiology of islets, single beta-cells, microcapsulated islets/beta-cells, and beta-cell like stem cells.

Microfluidic Device Development

A microfluidic disc-on-a-chip device for mouse intervertebral disc—pitching a next generation research platform to study disc degeneration. Jun Dai, Yuan Xing, Li Xiao, Jingyi Li, Ruofan Cao, Yi He, Huang Fang, Ammasi Periasamy, Jose Oberhozler, Li Jin, James P. Landers, Yong Wang, Xudong Li.  ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering. Feburary, 2019.

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Microfluidic Application

Genetically Encoded, Photostable Indicators to Image Dynamic Zn2+ Secretion of Pancreatic Islets. Minghai Chen, Shen Zhang, Yuan Xing, Xinyu Li, Yi He, Yong Wang, José Oberholzer, and Hui-wang Ai.  Analytical Chemistry. September, 2019. PMID:31475537

FLIM imaging of auto-fluorescent NAD(P)H and FAD to track metabolic changes of non-adherent leukemia cells using microfluidic trapping array. Ruofan Cao; Horst Wallrabe; Chunbo Huang; Su-Fern Tan; David Feith; David Feith; Yuan Xing; Yong Wang; Jose Oberholzer; Mark Kester; Thomas P. Loughran; Ammasi Periasamy. SPIE proceeding, March,2019

Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 act as brakes to regulate adaptive β-cell mass expansion in diet-induced obesity. Yewei Ji, Shengyi Sun, Neha Shrestha, Laurel Darragh, Jun Shirakawa, Yuan Xing, Yi He, Bethany A. Carboneau, Hana Kim, Duo An, Minglin Ma, Jose Oberhozler, Scott A. Soleimanpour, Maureen Gannon, Chengyang Liu, Ali Naji, Rohit N. Kulkarni, Yong Wang, Sander Kersten, and Ling Qi. Nature Immunology. 2019 Jun;20(6):677-686.PMID: 311103

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