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Encapsulation of pancreatic islets has been proposed and investigated for over the past three decades to eliminate the need for immunosuppressants. A wide variety of materials have been tested for microencapsulation in animal models and some materials have been shown to provide immunoprotection. Despite the initial success of microcapsules in NHP models, the combined use of islet transplantation (allograft) and microencapsulation has not been fully successful in clinical trials. CellTrans research in this area focuses on how to improve encapsulation technique and islet function, explore a non-human primate model to test material biocompatibility and in vivo long-term graft function, aiming at clinical application. Through our research, we have gained a deep understanding of biocompatibility of alginate for encapsulation and islet functionality post encapsulation. Additionally, we developed a novel method to implant microencapsulated islets in a non-human primate model that significantly reduced capsule surface overgrowth and increased islet graft survival.

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