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Islet Transplantation

CellTrans researchers have been involved in diabetes research for over 20 years, focusing on human islet isolation and transplantation. Our main contributions are: (i) improved human islet isolation efficiency and islet quality through glutamine administration to reduce oxidative injury of pancreas and application of novel hemoglobin-based O2 carrier in the isolation process. We also developed a novel islet purification method which significantly increased islet purity and quality; (ii) Clinically, we demonstrated that the UIC protocol required fewer islets per kilogram of patient body weight to achieve insulin-independence rate and better long-term graft function (60% insulin-independence post-five years) compared to the standard Edmonton protocol. Additionally, we demonstrated that islet transplantation has the potential to ameliorate diabetes-related vascular complications through improved glycemic control. In multi-institutional collaborations, our team has also contributed to translating biomaterial and stem-cell research findings into preclinical animal models.

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